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Sunday Indabas

Sunday Indabas
Published by St Barnabas Church on Wed, 5 Feb 2020 16:21

Stimulating conversation, food and fellowship

Introducing The Sunday Indabas

Join us as we gather in Indaba for stimulating conversation, food and fellowship on the 2nd Sunday of the month,. This is an opportunity to explore the intersection between the Christian faith, contemporary issues and our world as well as to connect with each other around a thought provoking subject.  Speakers will range from theologians, writers and elected officials to clergy, artists and members of the congregation.  

Indaba is a Zulu word and means a gathering of the community for  deliberation and discussion about issues affecting the common good.

Sunday 9 February: Priya Rockley and Fr Justin Dodd on Can St Barnabas change London‘s future? | 12:30 pm - The Large Hall 

Can a local church like our own improve the quality of life for all Londoners? Join Priya and Fr Justin as we closely explore the London Citizens‘ manifesto pledges for 2020 Mayoral Elections including safety, homes, climate, welcome and wages. We‘ll consider how harnessing the people power of faith and civic communities can make a tangible difference to the issues   we really care about.

Priya Rockley is the Families and Children’s Organiser at St Barnabas. She is currently completing the Buxton Leadership Programme which combines a placement in a Christian community and the team of member of parliament. She is a recent graduate of University College London with a degree in European Social and Political Studies. She has experienced the church as a vehicle for social change through extensive volunteering. 

Fr Justin Dodd is the Vicar of St Barnabas Ealing. He is co-chair of West London Citizens and together with other leaders from St Barnabas has been instrumental in building Ealing Citizens. Growing up in South Africa, Fr Justin witnessed first hand the power of organised faith communities to bring about lasting change as apartheid was defeated and the first truly democratic elections held.

Sunday 8 March: The Reverend Canon Professor James Woodward on Journeying with the Gospel of Matthew | 12:30 pm - The Large Hall 

This year, the Sunday gospel readings will be mainly drawn from the Gospel of Matthew. Fr James will help us discover the richness of Matthew‘s account of the life, work and power of Jesus Christ. In a unique slant, he will invite readers to visualize themselves in the scenes that Luke describes in order to see Matthew‘s Gospel in a fresh and exciting way.  

James Woodward has been Principal of Sarum College since October 2015. He is responsible for the strategic leadership of the College. In thirty years of ministerial experience James has worked in a range of contexts, including health care chaplaincy and rural ministry, where he has consistently delivered sustainable growth and development in thinking and practice. As a theological educator James has taught in the Universities of Birmingham, Warwick, 

Cardiff, and in writing and delivering distance learning materials for part-time students through The Open University. James is co-author with Paula Gooder and Mark Pryce of Journeying with Matthew: Lectionary Year A