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Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group
Published by Justin Dodd on Mon, 15 Feb 2021 16:40

What is the parent support group?

This is a group to provide a safe and non-judgemental space for parents to support each other. It will take the form of a 45 minute Zoom call every two weeks with a focus on parents of children that are preschool and primary school age. (Parents of teenagers are very welcome but we recognise that age and stage brings different sets of needs and demands.) The group is facilitated by Fr Justin, Dr. Caroline Bryant, and Jill Dodd. 

Do I need to attend each one?

You don't need to attend each one and are very welcome to join us when you're able. 

The next dates are (zoom link below):

Wednesday 9 Feb, 8-8:45pm

Wednesday 23 Feb, 8-8:45pm

Wednesday 9 Mar, 8-8:45pm

Wednesday 23 Mar, 8-8:45pm

Please click the link here to join the Zoom meeting (same link each time).