Register to attend Sunday Mass at 8am or 10:30 am | St Barnabas Ealing

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Register to attend Sunday Mass at 8am or 10:30 am

Register to attend Sunday Mass at 8am or 10:30 am
Published by Justin Dodd on Mon, 29 Nov 2021 16:00

"Then were the disciples glad, 

when they saw the Lord."

John 20:20

St Barnabas is open for in-person public worship. Please use the links below to register to attend:

Sunday 5 December 8 am – Second Sunday of Advent (Said Mass)

Sunday 5 December 10:30 am – Second Sunday of Advent

Sunday 12 December – Third Sunday of Advent

Sunday 19 December – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Sunday 26 December – St Stephens Day

Will I need to wear a mask in the church?

Yes. As per Church of England guidelines all worshippers will need to wear a mask unless you have a medical condition which precludes this. Only those actively leading worship will not be required to wear a mask at that time. This includes readers and intercessors.

Can I watch the service online?

Yes!  It will be streamed to the website here or the Facebook page here.  The order of service will be made available by pdf.  

What other safety measures have been put place in the church building?

  1. Your temperature may be taken as you enter the church by a welcomer. Please arrive a little earlier than the start of worship to avoid congestion at the door. 
  2. Seating has been appropriately distanced. Please only sit on chairs marked with ✔ symbol. 
  3. Individual orders of service will be provided. 
  4. There will be no congregational singing during the service. Music will be provided by a cantor and the organist. 
  5. Communion will be offered in one kind only - wafer.
  6. The congregational wafers will be covered throughout the Eucharistic Prayer.
  7. The Celebrant or Ministers will be the only people to handle the wafers and they will wear a visor and sanitise their hands before the distribution.
  8. Before the distribution the words ‘The body of Christ’ are spoken to the whole congregation, and all who intend to receive say, ‘Amen’ 
  9. The nave has been marked with queuing system for communion. Please keep appropriate distance from the person in front of you.  
  10. During the distribution, Holy Communion is administered in silence. The consecrated wafer is be dropped into the hands of communicants who remain in their places.
  11. Those who do not wish to receive the Sacrament may choose to be blessed instead.