Sunday Indabas: "After COVID - Reorientation and Renewal" | St Barnabas Ealing

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Sunday Indabas: "After COVID - Reorientation and Renewal"

Sunday Indabas: "After COVID - Reorientation and Renewal"
Published by Justin Dodd on Thu, 18 Feb 2021 14:42

After COVID - Reorientation and Renewal

How can we begin to reflect on the experience and impact of the coronavirus pandemic as a Christian community? In the next series of Indabas, Fr. Justin will be in conversation with theologians, journalists, and spiritual writers about drawing on the resources of the Christian tradition to help us rediscover hopeful living and play our part in building a more compassionate community, city and world.  Join in the Indaba conversation with your questions. Here are the confirmed sessions and guests. Watch this space as there are more to follow!

Participate in the Indabas by Zoom Webinar or streamed to Facebook. Zoom passcode: 579539

Sunday 25 April "Reinventing contemporary capitalism" - Further details to follow shortly.

Previous Indabas in this Series:

Sunday 17 Jan - "Only God Will Save Us" - The Rev'd Dr. Simon Cuff

Sunday 28 Feb, 2 - 3pm - "Tragedy and the Lost Art of Lament" - Rev'd Canon Dr. Carla Grosch-Miller 

Please note we encountered some technical difficulties at the beginning of this Indaba including a loss of picture from the speaker. However, the audio was undisturbed and the majority of the session is available in this recording.

To view Carla's handout click here

Sunday 21 March, 2 - 3pm -  “Martyrdom and the Pandemic Experience” – Catherine Pepinster