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London Mayoral Assembly and Evening Prayer

London Mayoral Assembly and Evening Prayer
Published by Justin Dodd on Fri, 16 Apr 2021 16:19

Evening Prayer for the Mayoral Assembly 
Wednesday 28 April, 5–5:45pm

Christian leaders from London Citizens are hosting an evening prayer open to Christians across London before the accountability assembly with mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey.

Join Christians from across London Citizens as they reflect on the Manifesto, build relationships, and pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in this action. This is an ideal opportunity for non-member Christian leaders to experience something of the work of community organising and Christian mission. 

The Mayor of London has a budget of over £17 billion. The upcoming Mayoral Election is an opportunity for us to hold the next mayor to account. They’ve created a manifesto that will benefit our city, the result of listening and strategy workshops involving thousands of ordinary Londoners over the last two years. Along with 240+ member organisations, they have chosen these priority areas:

  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Youth Safety
  • Living Wage
  • A Welcoming London for Migrants
  • Just Transition: Green Jobs


Mayoral Assembly
Wednesday 28 April, 6–7:30pm

In just 4 weeks, 5000 London Citizens will be presenting a people-powered manifesto to the mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey. 

The following are areas the next Mayor is being asked to address:

Housing and homelessness

  • Make housing genuinely affordable
  • Increase the supply of supported accommodation e.g. Project Malachi
  • Make ‘temporary accommodation’ temporary and improve the quality

Youth Safety

  • Commit funding and powers to police scrutiny
  • Establish a parent commissioner for London at the GLA to amplify and advocate for parent voices
  • Commit funding and resources to tackle the issue of school exclusions

Living Wage

  • Make London a Living Wage City with a target of 1 million Londoners employed by a Living Wage Employer by 2024
  • Make the Greater London Authority a Living Hours employer

Welcome and Sanctuary

  • Give long-term commitment and support for Londoners to settle their immigration status
  • Fund and create a continually updated ESOL website, to make accessing English classes easier
  • Work with us to make hate crime reporting easier and more effective

Just Transition (Climate)

  • Create 60,000 good green jobs and apprenticeships
  • Upgrade 100,000 homes to end fuel poverty by 2030

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