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We are an inclusive Christian community that strives to share God's unexpected, joyful and life-changing hospitality with one another, our neighbours and the marginalised. 

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We have reopened for in-person worship on Sundays. Register to attend Mass or watch online



St Barnabas Ealing has adopted the House of Bishops’ ‘Promoting a Safer Church; safeguarding policy statement’. We believe that safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone and is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all those who are vulnerable (children, young people, and vulnerable adults).  We expect all our staff, volunteers, and those who use our premises to share this commitment and value the support of those who worship here in achieving this.  Our safeguarding policy is available for download: Diocese of London Safeguarding Policy. 

Our parish Safeguarding Officer is Pat Chapman (patricia9@sky.com)
Churchwarden, Azmaer Samuel (azmae_83@hotmail.co.uk)


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